contoh CV B.Inggris



Cibaros, RT/RW 01/08 Sukaresmi – Rongga

Bandung Barat

Phone: 085780283810

Curriculum Vitae

       I.            Personal Identity


Name                                       : Widia Nurhalisah

Place, date of birth             : Bandung, 7th Maret1992

Gender                                     : Female

Age                                            : 19 Years old

Blood type                              : O

Nationality                             : Indonesia

Religion                                   : Islam

Height/Weight                      : 145 cm/45 Kg

ID Card Number (KTP)      : 32.1713.490392.0006

Address                                   : Cibaros RT/RW 01/08 Sukaresmi Rongga – Bandung Barat

Phone Number                    : 085780283810

E-mail                                      :

    II.            Formal Education

2011                                        : Pass DI, Majors Administrasi Bisnis, Bogor EduCARE

2010                                        :Pass Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Cililin Bandung, majoring Language

2007                                        : Pass SLTP Karya Pembangunan 2 Cipongkor, Bandung

2004                                        : Pass SD Negeri Sukaresmi 1, Bandung

 III.            Skill
  • Being usual in arranging and managing business administration activities,
  • Being able to make business letters,
  • Being able to use any kind of filing system,
  • Being able to design by design graphic software’s (Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw),
  • Being able to Speak and Write English Intermediate,
  • Being able to operate computer  (Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and  Ms. Power Point),
  • Being able to type 10 fingers.


  IV.            Others


Pengalaman Organisasi


  • secretary in Pondok Pesantren Diniyah Al-Amanah Cililin – Bandung period 2009-2010
  • Secretary Ekskul Bogor Educare period 2010-2011

Hobbies           : cooking and reading

I certify that this description correctly describes my qualifications, my experiences, and my activities. I really realize if those statements are not true, I am ready to be given sanction or disqualified.


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